Ready to Design? - Here's some info to get you going!

This may seem hard, but it’s really easier than you might think! Thanks to new programs, like Canva, designing a card deck is easy!

We will take you through the whole process of creating your card deck and help you produce a file that is ready for printing.

  Please watch the video to learn how!


Get our Free “Set-up Guides” for proper margins & bleeds!

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We think Canva is an easy-to-use program that is great for creating a card deck and best of all, it's FREE!

NOTE: Before you start, go under the "File" tab and select the "show rulers and guides", "show bleeds" and "show margins" box to create your working space.
Be sure to adjust/extend your backgrounds to fill the area for bleeds and try to keep text and important information inside or close to the margins area. This ensures everything looks great when printed! (a "bleed" is where color extends off the edge of the paper)
Then when you have finished your file, go to "share" and select "download", click "PDF print", check the "crop marks and bleeds" box as well as the "flatten PDF" box and click download. This will give you the best print file!


Our personal favorite is Indesign. It's not free, and has a higher learning curve, but it is great for making awesome looking card decks.

Use your favorite program

Of course you can use your favorite program to create your cards, just make sure it's high resolution (300 dpi) and good for printing!

Have a Designer Create Your Deck

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